Frequently Asked Questions

What time zone is indicated in the program?

All times in the schedule are Central European Summer (CEST (UTC+2) – Berlin, Paris, Bruxcelles). We kindly ask you to double check the day and local time, to make sure you will not miss your session. 

How to access the online conference?

All conference sessions shall take place in Zoom. Online access to conference sessions, with all necessary links and credentials, shall be available to all registered participants. Unconstrained accounts shall be provided by the conference organizers. Within each day, there will be separate accounts for each separate meeting.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Sessions will be recorded and available to all registered participants.

What are the requirements for oral presentations?

Conference meetings take place in 2-hours time slots. We have up to 18 minutes per presentation and up to 10 minutes for discussion. In that way, each session shall take up to 1 hour 50 minutes, reserving minutes break between sessions for logging in to the new session and (distributed) coffee breaks. Please stick to your time and order in presentation, as other participants may be willing to join the session to attend your talk.

What are the requirements for pre-recorded presentations?

Recorded presentation in mp4 format should be send to the conference organizers ( no later than 24 hours before presentation. It shall be played in the time slots of this speaker for real, and should contain contact information of the speaker at the end for questions and answers after the talk to be responded at the presenter’s convenience.

How will the session be organized?

We stick to the usual rule that the last speaker in each session is the chair. Logistic support, including time limits and technical questions, shall be provided by the member of the organization committee (session secretary). They will open the session in zoom, assist the chairperson, record the session, and communicate, if necessary, with technical support staff. They shall be marked in zoom as Host, and can be contacted via Chat (private message) at any time during the session.

Chairpersons are kindly asked to enter the session at least 5 min before its start in order to co-ordinate with the secretary.